Viruses on your devices in today’s world can be very dangerous. They can steal your data, and in some cases, even steal your entire identity! Keeping yourself safe on the internet is of utmost importance. We here at Tech Boys Electronics know a thing or two about IT Security thanks to the experience of the members on our team. Whether its simple virus removal you need, or some more advanced options to keep you safe while working and using your devices, we can set you up, educate you and help you have peace of mind that you’re safe when using your internet connected devices.

What kind of virus might I have?

Computer viruses come in all shapes and sizes. The term “virus” is just to group them all together, but there’s many different kinds out there. There’s botnets, trojans, Ransomware, worms, RATs, miners and more. They all do there own little things that can slow your computer down or ruin your week entirely. Botnets are little programs that use your internet traffic against you. They’ll slow things down to a crawl and use your bandwidth for other purposes. Trojan’s are programs disguised to look like something useful that you need, but they actually hide things in them from you like botnets, worms or other virus types. Ransomware is just as bad as it sounds. It locks your computer up completely and you usually have to pay up to get your information back. Never fall for the payment. Security researchers state that less than 6% of people get their data back when they pay the ransom. Worms are viruses you’ll rarely notice. They can sit on your drive and slowly eat away at your storage while someone else is using your storage for their own purposes. These can be difficult to detect and sometimes you won’t even know they’re there. RAT stands for Remote Administration Tool. There are “legal” or “safe” RATs out there in the form of programs that let you control a remote connection to another computer. RATs though are doing this without you knowing. They can see your data, turn on your webcam, steal your data and do so much more. Miners leave behind programs that use your computer performance for their own personal gain. This is usually tied to cryptocurrency.