Tech Boys is your one stop shop for computer repairs. Get back to using your computer, rather than dealing with difficulties associated with malfunctions. Laptops and Desktop are a significant financial outlay, and moreover, they are important to your personal and business life. Without your computer business flow decreases and tasks become tedious. We are here to keep you productive.

Data Retrieval

Losing data due to damages or a virus can be the nightmare! Never fear data loss for any reason because Tech Boys is here. We have the knowledge and software capability to scan drives for lost and deleted files. We retrieve lost data like pictures, documents, music, and can transfer/store material to another device, and eliminate unnecessary files.

Computer Security

Stay safe on the internet via anti-virus protection, as well as securely connecting by VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt your data as its sent out into cyber space. Don’t let anyone snoop your data from public wifi and always connect with a VPN. Let us recommend the best solutions for your personal data.

Hardware Failure and Upgrades

Is your computer running slow? Your hardware might need updated to interact with software upgrades. Bring your PC in or request curbside service so Tech Boys can test it and suggest recommendations, replace hardware, or reinstall software.