Cell phones are a major part of our lives. We can have you broken device up and running FAST!

Cell phones have become an important aspect of every day life. We use our phones for phone calls, video conferencing, texting, emails, social media, gaming, GPS and more. Keeping your device in working order helps you stay headache free. Having a damaged device can really slow you down as you may miss calls for work, a text from family or friends, or even a particularly scheduled appointment because you can’t see your calendar.

Tech Boys has the experience needed to keep your device in top shape. Whether your screen brakes, battery doesn’t last, or you don’t quite understand the device, we can take a look at it and give you a fair affordable price for repairing your device. We have a great “1-2 Warranty*” which is 1 Year Parts/Labor, 2nd year Parts. Let us take care of you, we’ll have the device up and running asap!